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Magshift® Paddle Shifter for Toyota Supra A90 MK5

Magshift® Paddle Shifter for Toyota Supra A90 MK5

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Supra - A90/A91

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Add a satisfying "click" to every shift.

Introducing our GTLabs Magshift® Magnetic Paddle Shifter System. Engineered for precision and performance, this innovative paddle shifter system ensures seamless fitment and simple plug-and-play installation.

Designed with the track enthusiast in mind, the Magshift® system delivers an aggressive shifting experience while delivering smooth gear selection from any given angle of the wheel.

Experience the satisfying "click" which provides tactile feedback for each gear change. In combination with the CNC-machined Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum material, which ensures durability and weight reduction, the Magshift® system presents a unique shifting experience.

The high-strength 4mm thick plates not only contribute to the system's durability but also offer customization possibilities. Customize the Magshift® system to fit your build with plates that can be customized to any material, including aluminum, carbon fibre, and even forged carbon fibre. This level of customization allows you to personalize your driving environment to match your preferences and the overall vision for your build.

Whether you're enjoying tight turns in the canyons, pushing the limits on the track, or cruising through city streets, the GTLabs Magshift® Magnetic Paddle Shifter System will transform your drive. Experience the thrill of responsive gear changes, the satisfaction of a well-crafted "click," and the visual appeal of a customizable design—all in one package.


Installation guide: Professional install recommended
What's in the box: Magshift Paddle System
Small Replacement Paddles
Packaging Dimensions: TBD
Product features: Magnetic slots for quick shifting
Options for different styles
3 materials to match your steering wheel
Free Shipping to NA
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Is it possible to OEM colour match?

Our colour may not be 100% paint matched with the OEM colour, as GTLabs uses in-house colour pallet. This doesn't mean that it will look totally different, it just means that if they were put side by side, there may be a slight difference in the colour.

Can I install the products by myself?

We highly recommend a professional installer to install the products onto your car. Improper installation may result in damage to the vehicle, and any such damage arising from non-professional installation will not be covered by GTLabs.