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A one-stop shop for all your steering wheel needs.

Paddle shifters, airbag covers, LED shift lights... you name it, we got it.

  • Steering Wheel

    Our steering wheel can be uniquely customized to align with your interior preferences. Explore the possibilities—from paddle shifters and airbag covers to LED shift lights, anything is achievable.

  • Magshift® Paddle Shifter

    Tailored for performance enthusiasts, the Magshift® system provides an assertive, yet seamless shifting experience, complemented by a "click" for tactile feedback.

  • Paddle Shifters

    Elevate your driving with our Custom Paddle Shifters, available in premium materials like carbon fiber. Our seamless, OEM-standard mount ensures a secure fit for a refined driving experience.

  • Airbag Cover

    Our airbag covers seamlessly match your car's aesthetic with a wide selection of materials and colors. Designed for a precise fit, they replace the OEM cover without requiring the entire airbag to be replaced.

Introducing our new Magshift® Paddle Shifter

GTLabs Magshift® Paddle Shifter

Designed with the track enthusiast in mind, the Magshift® system delivers an aggressive, yet smooth shifting experience, accompanied by a satisfying "click" for tactile feedback.

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