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Mercedes-Benz W205 Steering Wheel (Fully Custom)

Mercedes-Benz W205 Steering Wheel (Fully Custom)

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A45/A35 AMG - W177/V177/Z177
A Class - W177/V177/Z177 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

AMG GT/GTC/GTS/GTR/GTBlack Series - C190/R190

AMG GT63/GT53/GT50/GT43 4-Door - X290

B Class - W247 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

C63/C43 AMG - W205/S205/C205/A205
C Class - W205/S205/C205/A205 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

CLA45/CLA35 AMG - C118/X118
CLA Class - C118/X118 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

CLS53 AMG - C257
CLS Class - C257 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

E63/E53/E43 AMG - W213/S213 (2016-2020 Pre Facelift Only)
E Class - W213/S213 (With AMG Steering Wheel, 2016-2020 Pre Facelift)

GLA45/GLA35 AMG - H247
GLA Class - H247 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

GLB35 AMG - X247
GLB Class - X247 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

GLC63/GLC43 AMG - X253/C253
GLC Class - X253/C253 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

GLE63/GLE53 AMG - W167/V167
GLE Class - W167/V167 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

GLS63 AMG/GLS600 Maybach - X167
GLS Class - X167 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

G63 AMG - W463A
G Class - W463A (With AMG Steering Wheel)

S65/S63 AMG/Maybach S Class - W222/V222/C217/A217
S Class - W222/V222/C217/A217 (With AMG Steering Wheel)

SL63 AMG - R231 (2017-2020, Facelift Only)
SL Class - R231 (With AMG Steering Wheel, 2017-2020, Facelift Only)

SLC43 AMG - R172 (2016-2020, Facelift Only)
SLK Class - R172 (With AMG Steering Wheel, 2016-2020, Facelift Only)

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Make every drive special

Upgrade your Mercedes-Benz with GTLabs custom carbon fibre steering wheel. Crafted for quality and luxury, our carbon fibre wheels are strong and stylish, offering personalization with various stitching options. Easy installation guarantees a hassle-free upgrade, transforming your Mercedes-Benz's interior to the ultimate driving experience.

Our custom steering wheels are professionally modified versions of the OEM core, offering a hassle-free plug-and-play fit. Each wheel is handcrafted, requiring over 20 hours of labour for the perfect finish.

Please reach out to us if you have questions via our social media channels, through our contact page, or by simply emailing us at


Installation guide: Professional install recommended
What's in the box: Steering wheel core, Steering wheel options
Packaging Dimensions: TBD
Product features: OEM quality leather and alcantara, Supple padding added for extra grip and comfort, Hand-stitched detailing for a refined finish, Professionally shaped and finished carbon fibre, Endless colour options for your unique build
Free Shipping to NA
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Is it possible to OEM colour match?

Our colour may not be 100% paint matched with the OEM colour, as GTLabs uses in-house colour pallet. This doesn't mean that it will look totally different, it just means that if they were put side by side, there may be a slight difference in the colour.

Do I have to send over my steering wheel to get it customized?

No, our custom steering wheels are full replacements. We do not work on customer's steering wheels.

Can I install the steering wheel components by myself?

We highly recommend a professional installer to install the products onto your car. Improper installation may result in damage to the vehicle, and any such damage arising from non-professional installation will not be covered by GTLabs.

LED Shift Lights

Our LED Shift Lights offer the highest refresh rate in the market on top of our bright and adjustable display. This option is meant for customers looking for a performance spec steering wheel.

Airbag Cover

An airbag cover provides a look of consistency within the steering wheel. The cover will not alter with the actual airbag in the wheel.

Paddle Shifter

We have a selection of paddle shifters that's catered towards your steering wheel. Enhance your shifting experience with our custom paddle shifters.

Heated Function

If your car comes with a heated steering wheel, you have the option to keep it with our custom wheels. For carbon trims, only the sides will be heated.